If you are interested in becomming a beekeeper then we recommend the following path to start off with:

We recommend you join the Portsmouth Beekeeping Association as a country member. (no bees)

We then usually have taster days and run a winter beekeeping course if you are thinking of training.

Once you have got a feel for beekeeping and you think its for you; then we recommend you get some equipment so you are ready for April and get your name added to the swarm wanted list. The association will then try and get you some bees. Its worth getting stung as well so you can handle that.

Winter Education Programme
John Perry This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ran a very impressive winter training course last year including not only theory but practical as well. We had twenty eight members on the course, so many in fact that we had to run two parallel courses.