If you keep Bees you really must keep a record book which is used to give an overview of the beekeeper’s beekeeping activities and to help you plan your work for the season. If it is kept as a Filofax it is possible to insert the hive record cards into the book to provide a complete record of the beekeeping season. However, many beekeepers prefer to keep their hive record cards with their hives. If this is done it is important to keep the cards dry and away from the bees otherwise they will chew up the card and the records will be lost.
For more information visit the british bee website and read this section on Hive Record Cards
If you require a template to print out here is a word 2003 compatible version: Download a Template hive record card.

"The majority of beekeepers do not give sufficient insulation and no beekeeper ever gave too much " Everertt Phillips Franklin

Worried about your hives? Talk to the Bee Health Advisor

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Training Courses for new and potential beekeepers are run every year over the winter.  

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