Asian Hornets - BBKA Report Sightings on the BBKA Website following this link.

On Friday 4th October 2019 an Aian Hornet nest was destroyed following the confirmed sighting near Christchurch, Dorset after it was reported by a member of the public. It is imperative that any Asian hornet colonies in the UK are detected and destroyed before queens are released. This is the time of year when colonies have been previously detected and we depend on alert beekeepers and members of the public to report sightings. As we have an abundant insect population, Asian hornets may not just be found in apiaries, they could also be at places where insects congregate – stands of ivy, for example, and on decaying fruit. At any sunny, warm period, take a little extra time – 20 minutes or more - to look around your apiary, any ivy and garden generally to help early detection of this alien insect.

You can contact Mark Page  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - our Bee Health Advisor - sending him a photo noting the time and place to his mobile on 07553640672 who will help you identify the insect.  

While we and the insects are sheltering under cover in this wet weather, it may be worth your looking into a firm called Killgerm who supply the Asian Hornet Bait, Suterra, trade-marked Trappit - 5 litres £26 + VAT, 1 litre £7.20 + VAT

Inform your local garden centres, garden workers, allotment holders, tree surgeons and hedge cutters to be vigilant.