Description of Item Stock Location
DVD "The Honeybee" (with projector) 1 Bastion 3
Course in a Case ( Case 1, Case 2, Case3 ) 4 Bastion 3
Display boards in case for shows display & Fittings Box 1 North Harbour
Extractor (spinner ) small with legs 2 North Harbour
Gazebos with 3 sides (old) (White) 2 North Harbour
Honey grading glasses set (2 glasses in set) 1 North Harbour
Microscopes with digial camera 4 North Harbour
Mini melter 1 North Harbour
Oxalic acid sublimator kit + 12v DC Supply 1 North Harbour
Settling tank metal 1 North Harbour
Steam Wax Melter/Extractor Large 1 North Harbour
Uncapping knife electric 1 North Harbour

This is an Inventory of all stock and goods that are owned by PDBKA. These are available to members for loan. Please contact a committee member if you would like to borrow any of the equipment.