The shop will be open on Sat Dec 14th from 10am to 12 noon at which there will be hot mulled wine and warm mince pies. There will be a full range of purchases available plus small packs of fondant and larger amounts if required. Get your Christmas Presents now.

The shop manager is Cliff McGaughey. The address is "The Skep", The Bastion, Portsmouth.

Please note, that for the winter period (October to March) the shop will not be routinely opened, but goods can be obtained by contacting Cliff as below. No money is ever left in the shop and the premisis are alarmed.

The shop will be opening every Saturday from late February until end of September between 10.00 and 11.00 a.m.  There are good supplies of wax, jars etc. etc.  so please do make use of this Club facility. The shop is for the benefit of all members, hopefully saving them long journeys to other suppliers or having to pay postage (as well as money on your purchases). Every effort will be made to keep prices as low as possible by making bulk purchases, so it’s up to you to let us know your requirements. At present the stock of some items is limited, but we do have plenty of frames and foundation in anticipation of the spring honey flow. So, the success of this venture is really up to you – your patronage is all that is needed, so I look forward to your orders.
E-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone - 02392 349047

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Special Offers
!!! JARS ARE BACK IN STOCK - Much cheaper than Thornes !!!

Price List From October 2019
Pack of 10 SN4 – National Super Hoffman Ends 7.00
Pack of 10 DN4- National Brood Hoffman Ends 7.00
Pack of 10 Langstroth Super Hoffman Ends 12.00
Pack of 10 Langstroth Standard Brood 12.00
Pack of 10 Commercial Super 9.00
Pack of 10 Commercial Brood 9.00
Pack of 10 14 x 12 10.00
30g (min) Gimp pins for frames 1.00

Pack of 10 Sheets – National Super 6.50
Pack of 10 Sheets – National Brood 10.50
Pack of 10 Sheets – Langstroth Super 8.00
Pack of 10 Sheets – Langstroth Brood 12.50
Pack of 10 Sheets – Commercial Super 8.50
Pack of 10 Sheets – Commercial Brood 13.50
Pack of 10 Sheets – 14 x 12 16.50
Pack of 10 Sheets – National Super Cut Comb 4.50

Hive Parts
National Super Flat Pack 15.00
National Brood Flat Pack 19.00
National Roof Flat Pack 4inch 18.00
National Open Mesh Floor Flat Pack 15.00
Open Mesh Floor Wire Piece 5.00
National Entrance Blocks 2.00
Langstroth Brood Flat Pack 17.00
National Crown Boards 8.00
National Hive Stand Flat Pack 11.00
National Wire Queen Excluder Unframed 12.50

Plastic Rapid Feeder 3.50
Queen Clip Catcher 4.50
Butler Cage for Queen 1.50
Press on Plastic Queen Marker Cage 0.50
Queen Marker Cage with Plunger 4.50
Smoker Stainless Steel with Bellows 15.50
Hive Tool Standard 5.00
Hive Tool Stainless Steel 7.50
Hive Tool Multi Use 6.50
Budget Claw 2.00
Hive Tool ‘J’ Type American 11.00
Hive Tool (Wooden Handle) 5.00
1lb Glass Honey Jars metal screw lid – Box 72 23.00
1/2lb Hex Jars metal screw lid – Tray 36 11.50
Lids for 1lb jars packs of 20 2.50
Lids for ½ lb Jars packs of 20 1.40
Double Strainer Nylon 6.00
Yorkshire Spacers packs of 20 0.50
Plastic Spacers DN1/SN1 Frames packs of 20 0.50
Porter Bee escapes 1.00
Cut Comb Cutter 15.00
Honey Bucket 15lb 1.50
Uncapping Forks 2.50
Mouse guards 1.50
Nitrile Gloves box 100 5.00
Face Mask (for Oxalic Acid Treatment) 3.50

Club Clothing
All with logo
Fleece 20.00
Polo Shirt 14.00
Cap 8.00