All new beekeepers, who are on the swarm list, please be aware that if your hive is not fully ready with frames and foundation in the brood box. then your name  sadly will go to the end of the list. If you have any concerns as to how to build your frames or put in the foundation there will be help available at the shop.

If you wish to be considered for a swarm of bees please would you note that the swarm e-mail for the swarm collector is : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Captured swarms are usually healthy, but are not quarantined and are subjected to only a rudimentary visual inspection. They are consequently provided to member beekeepers with no guarantees as to health, temperament or parasitic load. Members looking for bees of assured quality should consider purchasing a nucleus or negotiating with an existing beekeeper for a “split” from a known colony.

Preference will be given to new beekeepers in the allocation of swarms. If you wish to be added  / removed from the list please contact:

Geoff Piper - 02392593760 or 07305496088

Peter Wilkinson -01329833011 or 07976539760

Please note - if you are on the list you maybe called at any time to assist with collecting the swarm so please be ready. This will be a good experience for you. Please make sure you have suitable equipment ready to house your swarm. You must have a decent hive with nice fresh comb. It would help if you could bring your hive with you to assist in the homing of your new colony. Its also worth-while bringing your suit, gloves, straps, duct tape, hive tools, smoker, breeze bocks or a stand. The hive will have to be collected and moved at dusk to your prepared site (you do have a prepared site dont you?) If you do not have equipment ready or you are away on holiday or too busy then please ask to be removed from the list. As you can imagine it can be hectic for the swarm collectors trying to find someone to take the swarm, and who is ready and available to take them.

The swarm collectors can be called at any time and it can be time consuming therefore your assistance is appreciated. This Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May one swarm collector was called to 6 swarms, some were false alarms and some absconded however as you can imagine this is hard work. It can also be time consuming and costly as you generally have to go out and capture the swarm and then later on move them after dusk. (2 trips per swarm).